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  • Patty Mattos
  • Jim Davila
    Lets all join in and make a difference
  • Karen Newsom
    Please sign!
  • Patricia Gibson
    Please please sign!!
  • Dee Newman
    Dee Newman
    Please support
  • Penny Lott
    Puppy mills, backyard breeders and every scum bag that mistreats these animals deserve severe punishment and this is a great start!
  • Michelle Hammond
    Please be a voice for the animals. Make a difference!
  • Karen Parsons
  • Sara Christy
    Puppy and Kitten “Mills” ARE in Mississippi! Let’s stop them!
  • Belinda Ford
    Protect the defenseless! They give us their loyalty and unfailing love; they deserve protection from cruelty and abuse! It is our duty and responsibility.
  • Jim Davila
  • Laura Geil
    Be the voice for the voiceless
  • Charmaine Lofton
    Be The Voice for dogs and cats! Help stop the abuse! This bill is not a threat to farmers etc! Please join us today by signing this petition ! Help save the voiceless! And punish the evil !
  • Jan Nash
    Make A Difference – As Animals DONT Have A Voice – WE R THEIR VOICEPLEASE DIGN – Jan Nash
  • Shelby Parsons