Ask your legislators to co-sponsor these animal protection bills

At least three animal protection bills will be presented this session. We ask that you contact your legislators in the house and senate to ask them to co-sponsor the following bills. You can find your representatives and their contact info here. 

Animal Cruelty Bill, Senate: Senator Angela Hill. Highlights: A first time offender of aggravated animal cruelty can be charged with a felony (currently a misdemeanor), animal abusers will be registered in FBI database, offenders can be charged with up to ten counts of cruelty (currently one). 

Animal Cruelty Bill, House: Representative Greg Snowden. Very similar to the senate bill above. 

Dog Fighting Bill, Senate: Senators Bob Dearing, Billy Hudson, Dean Kirby, Juan Barnett. Fines of $1,000 per animal in custody up to $50,000, maximum sentence of 25 years- one year per dog. For spectators: minimum $1,000 fine and 2 years' imprisonment. Offender is responsible for the cost of care for the animals. 

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