Sample letter to Bob Martin of MS Fair Commission

Dear Advocates working to end the Tippah County Fair “Rabbit Scramble” and any comparable inhumane event in our nation, please email Mr. Bob Martin of the Mississippi Fair Commission. Remember you are the voice for the animals and for their sake and to promote good will and build relationships even with people we don’t agree with please be polite and respectful.  We are sharing the following script as a guideline.  Do not think we are restraining your free will and advocacy, but polite and respectful is tried and true – even if our message isn’t heard this year we Will Be the Voice for Exploited and Cruelly Treated Fellow Creatures.





Dear Mr. Bob Martin, 


It is my understanding that People’s bank is one of the sponsors of the Tippah County Fair.  I believe you are aware of the controversy over the “Rabbit Scramble” event.  I respectfully ask that you please suggest the Fair Organizers replace this event with fun family games that children and their families may enjoy together, bonding and forming memories they can look back on with fond memories and perhaps a chuckle or two.


There is no doubt that the rabbits that are subjected to this event suffer stress and likely pain.  The children in the video clearly look baffled and are not having the fun and excitement they deserve at a fair.  I learned that you were advised that the event violates Mississippi Statute 97-41-5.  Let me end with a reminder that your Father, God says he sees every sparrow who falls.  With all my heart I believe He would not approve of frightening and mishandling rabbits, or causing children to participate in an event that is of not of benefit to them and truly appears to be adverse from the kind behavior He would have us teach them.


Thank you for your consideration of this matter.


Sincerely _____________________________


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